I love coming up with visual concepts that create a feeling of a different world. The vibe I usually go for is “Something you might’ve seen in a movie one time”. A clear example of this is my Femme Fatale shoot that I did with Amel this year. I plan to do a lot more conceptual shoots in the near future.
My conceptual photography so far is very vintage inspired. Most of my conceptual work is in black and white. Despite that I’m very excited to start working with vibrant colors, mixing modern styles with 70s, 80s & 90s influences. Just like the corporate identity I designed for Productions by Perspective.
Productions by Perspective is an emerging music video production company that I co-founded. For the music videos I’ll be responsible for the complete visual style. This includes coming up with a cool concept, styling the artists, styling the location and everything else that’s visual. 

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